Twitch Prime Members, Relax on the Battlegrounds with a PUBG Spa Day Crate!

Be sure to follow TwitchPrime on Twitter for all the latest news! ___________________________________________________________________ Battling 99 other players can be a lot of work. So starting today, Twitch Prime members will be able to pamper themselves with an exclusive PUBG Spa Day crate for the PC version of PUBG, featuring two sets of outfits that you can […]

How Muxy created one of the most engaged Extensions in just two weeks

Muxy + Twitch Extensions are a perfect combo. They specialize in extensions that encourage viewer involvement, like their Community Predictions Extensions that let thousands of viewers compete for a top spot on the Game Awards prediction leaderboard. The Cheer Cup. The Feels Meter. The Community Predictions Leaderboard. You may have seen or even used all […]