How to Build a GoCoder Sample App for iOS With Wowza Streaming Engine

So you want to build live video streaming into your iOS app in order to create a unique experience and engage your end users—but you don’t have streaming expertise. With the Wowza GoCoder SDK, you don’t have to. This robust developer toolkit gives even those with only basic knowledge the ability to easily integrate professional-grade […]

Twitch Prime Members: Fly into Battle with the PUBG Pilot Crate!

Starting September 18th through October 17th, Twitch Prime members can ride into the danger zone with the PUBG Pilot Crate, featuring 6 skin items and 1 parachute skin. The crate includes: Captain’s Hat Uniform Shirt Loafers Uniform Slacks Golden Aviator Glasses B-3 Bomber Jacket Purple Ace Parachute Skin Be sure to grab it before it disappears! Twitch […]

Latency Sucks Less: Advancements in Low-Latency Live Streaming

Everywhere you turn in the streaming industry, the talk in mid-2018 is less about formats than it is about latency. It started as a trickle in 2016, around the time that published my article “Latency Sucks!”—appropriately titled due to the limited low-latency options available at the time. Since then, it has turned into a […]

Watch and Cheer During Hearthstone Global Games to Support Teams and Unlock Loot!

Hearthstone Global Games (HGG) is heating up and the top 16 countries and regions in the world have been decided. On the road to the playoffs at BlizzCon®, join the community in celebrating the journey with HGG Cheer — a new program that lets you Cheer with Bits for your favorite teams on Twitch using custom Cheermotes — all […]

End of Summer 2018 Wowza Product Update (Webinar)

As summer 2018 comes to an end, we’re excited to share all the additions we’ve made to Wowza’s product portfolio this season. This pre-recorded webinar features Anthony Lazaro, ClearCaster product lead; Donald Dudrey, senior technical product manager; James Sherry, senior product manager; Anne Balistreri, product marketing manager; and Justin Miller, webinar and video producer discussing our […]

Behind the Development: The Pokémon Badge Collector Extension

Few entertainment franchises have achieved global success in the same way Pokémon has. Last week, Twitch and The Pokémon Company International kicked off Pokémon: The Series extravaganza featuring 16 movies and 900+ episodes to be live-streamed in several different marathons spanning into 2019. This will be the single longest programmatic viewing event to stream on Twitch. […]