SUBtember is back! Continue a gift subscription for 80% off

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Partners and Affiliates do so much to build amazing communities on Twitch, and a huge part of growing those audiences is getting subscribers who consistently watch, chat, spam emotes, make Clips, and more.

With Gifted Subs and Community Gifting, we gave viewers the power to help out their favorite streamers by inviting new friends to the party. This SUBtember, we’re making it easier than ever to keep the Sub train going with a great month-long deal: continue a gifted subscription for 80% off!

This deal applies to Tier 1 subscriptions, meaning you can turn any Tier of your gifted Sub into a recurring Tier 1 Sub for just $1 (final price may vary by region, see FAQ below). And yes, streamers will still get the full amount from the Sub. To take advantage of this 80% off promotion, you need to have an active gifted subscription during 9/10–9/30 and commit to a paid subscription during this time.

If you’ve already set up your subscription to renew between 9/10 and 9/30, you can still take advantage of SUBTember pricing. To obtain the promotional price, you’ll need to cancel the Sub continuation at your subscriptions management page and then choose to continue the gift sub again between 9/10 and 9/30 .

Ready to support your favorite streams and keep access to all those custom badges and emotes? Below are the two ways to continue your subscription, and please note that this promotion is only available if you sign-up on a desktop web browser.

  1. Visit the Streamer’s channel and click “Continue” on the top of the video player

2. Visit your subscriptions management page and click on the “Gift Subscriptions” tab. Then find the streamer’s panel and click “Continue.”

Got more questions? We’ve got answers.

Q: I had a gift sub that was set to expire before 9/10 and I renewed it at the regular Tier 1 price. Can I retroactively get the promotional price?

No, your subscription renewal must fall between 9/10 and 9/30 in order to get the promotional price.

Q: What exactly do I need to do to take advantage of this promotion?

Visit either the Streamer’s channel, or your Subscriptions Management Page. Click “Continue”, select a Tier 1 sub at the discounted price and complete your checkout.

Q: What is the discount if I continue my gifted sub as a Tier 1?

Tier 1 is discounted at a whopping 80% off, which is just $1 before taxes and fees. Your final price may vary based on region.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can do this?

As long as you have an active gift sub to a channel, you can take advantage of this! The discounted price only applies to the first month of the Tier 1 paid sub. After the first month, it will return to the normal price.

Q: What channels does this apply to?

Any Partner and Affiliate channel as long as they offer a recurring subscription.

Q: Does this apply to all Tiers of subscription?

The discount only applies to Tier 1 paid subscriptions. If you currently have a gifted subscription at Tier 2 or 3, you can continue to a paid subscription at the same Tier for the regular price or continue at Tier 1 for the discounted price.

Q: How long will the paid subscription be discounted for?

Only the first month of the gift-to-paid subscription will be discounted. After one month, the subscription will return to normal price.

Q: When am I charged for the paid subscription?

Your paid subscription will start when your gifted subscription ends.

Q: What about tax and VAT?

The discount is on the base price of the subscription before any taxes/VAT are applied.

Q: When exactly is this happening?

Starting 12:00PM PDT September 10th and ending 11:59PM PDT September 30th

Q: Does this work on the Android or iOS Twitch Apps?

No, to take advantage of this discounted price you’ll have to visit or the streamer’s channel in a desktop web browser.

Q: If I receive a gift sub to a channel I’ve never subbed to before, and after the gifted month I decide to continue the sub, does my tenure start at month one or month two?

Your tenure would continue as month two, because gifted subs count toward sub tenure. Don’t forget to share your resub notification in the channel.

Q: I want to buy a multi-month bundle (i.e. 3 months or 6 months). Do these qualify for the promotion?

The 3 and 6 month Subscription bundles do not qualify for this promotion.

Q: I committed to continue my subscription already, will I also get the promotional price?

If you previously committed to renew your subscription between 9/10 and 9/30 you will need to cancel your continuation at your subscriptions management page and continue the gift sub again to obtain the promotional price. For more details, please check the email associated with your Twitch account.

Q: My gift sub continuation will hit in October, will I still get the promotional price?

You must commit to renew between 9/10 and 9/30 to qualify for the promotion price. If you already committed to a renewal date past 10/1 prior to the promotion start date, you will need to cancel your continuation at your subscriptions management page and continue the gift sub again to obtain the promotional price

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